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Glossary of Terms

Or, what I do:

The Technical Manager or Tech Manager is usually the senior technical 
person on a broadcast or production, and may also serve as the "Setup TD" or "Crew Chief" of the television crew. ​It is the Tech Manager's job to ensure that all positions are manned and all equipment and facilities are set up, checked out and ready before the broadcast begins. The Tech Manager may also determine the feasibility of broadcasting from a location, after an extensive "site survey," and may provide training to more inexperienced members of the technical crew when needed. He/she provides the Director with guidance on crew assignments, camera positions, etc... They are responsible for the technical quality of the signal being broadcast, and the overall technical integrity of the production. They monitor various measuring scopes and displays to ensure quality control. Technical Managers commonly work on productions that are either broadcast live or recorded. He or she is also responsible for making sure that the mobile production unit or studio, and control room is technically fit for purpose, the routing of internal and external sources, and the setup of all technical equipment, as well as being the technical liaison with the broadcast venue and other areas such as Master Control and Transmission. They also generate the crew's schedule and payroll.

​The Operations Producer , Ops Producer orProduction Manager  is responsible for the administration of a TV production. He or she works closely with the project's Producer, Director and Technical Manager, and is responsible for managing the production and regulating the costs of delivering the expected television show on budget . Based on a number of factors, the Operations Producer will create a working budget  prior to the broadcast, thereby charting a recommended budgetary course. Typically, they will oversee all cost-related decisions, including "above-the-line' expenditures during pre-production. However, they are also responsible for the detailed planning and execution of below-the-line costs and other arrangements for physical production. The Producer, Director and Technical Manager  will usually select important department heads ("seniors" or "leads") and support personnel related to the project,. For below-the-line matters, the Operations Producer  negotiates deals (for travel, location, equipment, office space, security, permits, credentials,  etc.) , and may hires additional crew members, typically on the recommendation of the the above, or based on prior experience with trusted individuals. 

The Setup TDSetup Technical Director or Crew Chief  is a senior technical person on a television broadcast (usually on a remote production). This person possesses a high level of knowledge and skills relevant to the broadcast, and functions as the "chief" of the television crew. For a remote broadcast, the Setup TD (in concert with the Technical Manager and/or Operations Producer), will ensure that all positions are manned and all equipment and facilities are checked out and ready for broadcast. They may also provide training and guidance to more inexperienced members of the technical crew when needed, and usually provide the Tech Manager or Operations Producer with guidance on crew assignments. The Setup TD supervises the proper and safe installation of all cables, cameras, audio and other equipment, while establishing the most efficient way to accomplish these tasks. He may also perform video and audio patching during the broadcast. The Setup TD usually supervises the technical team, but does not operate the "vision mixer" or switcher".

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