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Mark Towey

Broadcast Operations & Engineering Services


Additional Services

Can be provided through a network of Industry Partners, Vendors and Television Engineers:

  • Site surveys and television compound design, including power requirements, functionality and construction on all levels
  • Supervision of all technical and operational aspects of large remote and studio productions, including logistics and the effective scheduling of large crews on major events
  • Telecommunications support and and signal path planning, including; digital, satellite, and terrestrial delivery, as well as Landline procurement for "comms" and "biz-lines," Internet access and small LANs
  • Broadcast cabling solutions and installation for television venues, both temporary and permanent​
  • Trained and certified "Competent Person" in Occupational Safety & Health Administration (OSHA) AND Corporate Safety Initiatives, therefore minimizing accidents, injury and liability...Read more
  • Well versed in U.S. Department of Transportation Rules and Regulations for Motor Carriers (USDOT)

"Specializing In Live Television...Anyway, Anyhow, Anywhere!"

Bringing you over twenty five years of experience at the Network Level,

I am a freelance Technical Manager, Operations Producer and “Setup TD/Crew Chief.” I'll plan and supervise everything from initial show concept, to "park & power," and all the way through the "knockdown." With a full spectrum of skills and services, and a creative and energetic approach, I'll help you achieve all of your production goals, or help to enhance your current team.

  • ​Camera platforms, cranes and scaffolding
  • ​Below-the-line crewing if needed
  • ​Lighting and sound re-enforcement
  • Logistics support and trucking
  • More...Just ask!
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